Welcome to these web pages containing video screencasts and other resources to demonstrate ways of using the MapMate species recording database. They are primarily for BSBI recorders and members who use MapMate for recording plant species. However, other MapMate users are very welcome! 
NEW guideHow to Install MapMate on a new Windows 10 PC (version 2 at November 2019)
The BSBI MapMate Book, by Martin Rand, is now available - click here to download the chapters.

A number of other updates have been added in March 2014, including:

This website covers the following subjects:
  1. Setting up, maintenance and backup 
  2. Data entry
  3. Analysis 
  4. Data exchange - syncing and importing records 
  5. Mapping: creating and editing
  6. Mapping: printing and customising
  7. The BSBI MapMate Book
  8. Custom analysis queries
  9. Links to other resources
The new BSBI MapMate Book covers all of the above topics; the book also has an addition chapter (see Chapter 8) on the use of Schedules and Catalogues.

For more general information about plant recording go to the main BSBI website, for example the sections on Identification and Local Groups/Recorders.

These pages have been compiled for BSBI by Martin C. Harvey
with funding from Scottish Natural Heritage.

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Example map showing distribution over a contour background

A distribution map generated in MapMate for Brown Bent (Agrostis vinealis) in Merionethshire, displayed over contour and hydrology layers.