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8. Custom queries

Below are a number of custom analysis queries that have been produced for BSBI. To use them you will need to add them to your copy of MapMate - instructions are provided on the right of this page, or you can watch the final video on the Analysis page, or see the guidance document: view online or download pdf.

Further custom queries can be found in Appendix B of the BSBI MapMate Book, as well as on the Kitenet website. If you still can't find what you need try asking for help on the MapMate email group

Below, the SQL code is provided for five queries:
How to install these custom queries 
1. Find the query you wish to use in the list below.
2. Highlight and then copy the query title 
3. Go to MapMate and use the normal method for creating customised queries: open the "Analysis" window, double-click on the "User Queries" sub-heading and choose <new user query>. 
4. You will be prompted for a name; paste in the name you copied in step 2. 
5. You will now see MapMate’s SQL window with two lines of text - delete all the text that is there. 
6. Now return to this web page page and highlight the SQL text (the block of text that has statements beginning SELECT, FROM, WHERE etc.), and copy this text. NB that some of these queries are rather long, make sure you highlight all the text from the beginning up to and including the semicolon at the end. 
7. Return to MapMate and paste the SQL text into the blank window. 
8. Make sure you save the new query - click on the yellow folder icon at the top of the window.