9. Other resources

First of all, don't forget the new BSBI MapMate Book, which covers all the topics on this website, plus an additional chapter (chapter 8) on the use of Schedules and Catalogues.

MapMate Ltd - the company that develops and sells the MapMate software. Their website has lots of useful resources plus contact details for MapMate technical support.

MapMate email discussion group - run by volunteer MapMate enthusiasts, a helpful and friendly egroup that provides prompt answers to (almost!) any and all MapMate questions (to request an invitation to join the user group contact Martin Harvey).

Kitenet - MapMate resources on Martin Harvey's website, including various downloadable documents and SQL text for custom queries.

Brian Pitkin has provided procedures for analysing data by 1km square on a spreadsheet (for this to work with MapMate you need to be running a copy of Microsoft Access 97):