5. Mapping: creating and editing

[Seven narrated videos on this page - we recommend that you view these videos using full-screen and in High Definition.]

See also chapter 7 in the BSBI MapMate Book.

Creating simple maps in MapMate is quick and easy to do. It is also possible to spend much longer on customising the maps for more complex displays. These screencast videos take you through the processes involved (scroll down to see all the videos on this page, and go to the next page for more).

    • Creating a simple base map.
    • Creating a simple atlas map.
    • Creating a "special map" to show all recorded tetrads in a county
    • Creating a polygon base map to allow better control of colours and shading - also introduces some of the map editing controls.
    • Editing atlas maps 1: how to use the "Feature Detail" list, and how to add a second base map to an existing atlas.
    • Editing atlas maps 2: how to create a 'date-banded' map with different symbols for different time periods (*), plus adding a key and text annotations.
    • Editing atlas maps 3: changing the date band time periods by editing the underlying SQL query (*).

*: see also additional guidance for displaying multiple date-ranges on maps: view online or download pdf.

For extra mapping practice see also Martin Harvey's mapping worksheet (pdf download).